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FAQ Tailgates

1) How does the Tailgate Open.

  • On each side of the Tailgate is a handle. Each handle is independant of the other. You must use both hands to open the Tailgate. It isn't as difficult as it sounds.

2) How does the Tailgate Lock?

  • If you choose to add the optional locking mechanism, it will allow you to Paddlock one or both handles. Not a complicated system, but the handle will be locked and won't be able to move, which the Tailgate can't be opened and removed.

Western Tailgate Locks

3) Can the Tailgate have much weight placed on it?

  • YES. This Tailgate is built with heavy guage (11 guage) 1 1/4" square tubing. All sides are welded. Once the expanded metal and horseshoes are welded on, this also adds additional strength too.

4) Does this Tailgate make a difference on my gas mileage.

  • Again, yes it does. Now, depending on who you talk to and how many beers everyone has had, it is always up for discussion. Please, just take our word for it.

5) How long does it take to install the Tailgate?

  • Unless you have a Ford, about 2 minutes. If you have a Ford, 5 minutes. If you own a Ford, see question below.

6) Why does it take longer to install a Ford Tailgate vs. others.

  • The reason for this is a small set of brackets have to be installed on the Ford. The ONLY reason for this is strictly cosmetic. It has nothing to do with the funtionality. The technical side of it goes like this, if you prefer to read on. When Ford built their latest model, they didn't line up their pivots, (the things the Tailgate sets on) with their latching system. Hence, the Tailgate canters forward somewhat and isn't vertical. So, in order to correct the problem, we send out a set of brackets to install which brings the Tailgate out a little more to make it set vertical and it looks better.

Ford Latches

7) Do I have to use my same set of cables or will a new set come with the Tailgate?

  • You can choose to use you orginal cables. A set of 3/16" coated vinyl will come with the Tailgate.

8) I don't see a silhouette I like on your site. Can I send you one I prefer.

  • Yes. If you have an idea that you prefer, please send us one either email, mail or fax.

9) Why don't you offer any other colors or custom paint to match our pickup?

  • We started to have problems matching pickups with the "Exact" color. So we stick with a couple of basic colors. If you prefer to match exactly to your pickup, we can send you the Tailgate in stock form and you can take it to your local auto body shop and have them custom paint it to your likeing. Also, we are finding that powder coating is a good option too. Please call us before you do this as it is very important that you find a good powder coating shop.

10) How much does the Tailgate weight?

  • The Tailgate will weight around 65 lbs. Give or take 10 lbs.

11) How do you ship the Tailgate?

  • Via United Parcel Service. 5 to 8 business days to receive and cost $85.00.

12) How long does it take to receive my Tailgate once I order?

  • All Tailgates are Custom Built. We don't stock any Tailgates. Generally, once you order your Tailgate you can expect to see it anywhere from 3-8 weeks, depending on the amount of orders are in front of you. The time frame includes the building of the tailgate and shipping time.


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